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Need help with Dwarf Jellybean Cichlids...

Discussion in 'Fish and Aquarium - all types' started by Dito, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. Dito

    Dito New Member

    I need help with my fish, I got a 20 gal High tank and the person gave me some fish with it wich include a Snail (which is pretty big), a pleco, a cory and about 13 Dwarf Jellybean Cichlids. I know there are to many fish in my tank and I want to give away (or sell) some but I wanted to know how many should I keep. Also what other kind of fish could I keep with them? I have a Red tailed Shark which needs a biger tank. :?
  2. Dito

    Dito New Member

    they might also be called dwarf jellybean convict, any info on them (behavior, needs, breeding (cause the guy who gave them to me only said that they breed a lot), etc.

    you can see a pic of them at www.aquariumfish.net
  3. t_chelle16

    t_chelle16 New Member

    A 20 gallon (and espeically a 20 tall) is really a small tank. I would only keep one con and nothing else. Cons are extremely aggressive and breed like crazy. So if you keep two, you'll either end up with hundreds of babies that you'll need to find homes for or they will try to kill eachother. Plus 2 would be too much bioload for a 20 galon. The cory would do better in a group but cons are too aggressive to keep cories with so I'd find it a new home (or keep it, get some friends for it, and don't keep a con). With the pleco, it will depend on the type of pleco. If it's a common pleco it will get way too big for a 20 gallon. If it's one of the really fancy types of plecos, it probably won't be able to hold up against a con. If it's something like a bristlenose, it might work (but it and the con would really be pushing the limits of the tank).

  4. kc5gvn

    kc5gvn New Member

    Hi Dito, I can't remember exactly how large Dwarf Jellybean Cichlids get at maturity. I believe it is around 6 inches. In any case Dwarf Jellybean Cichlids are a cross breed of Parrot Fish and Convicts. When they are young they are dipped into a solution that burns the slime coat from their bodies. Then they are dyed and dipped into another solution to help them grow back the slime coat that was burned away. A very painful process for them which most likely weakens them and gives them a short lifespan. Also the dye will eventually fade out. They are too big for a 20 gallon. If you end up with the tank space later on you might consider getting Parrot Fish that aren't dyed as opposed to getting the Dwarf Jellybean Cichlids.
  5. tski22

    tski22 New Member

    What size tank would a normal parrot fish require? Not the dyed kind. -tl
  6. Dito

    Dito New Member

    Thanks, I guess I will try to find a home for them but the biggest ones I have are about 2 inches and none of them are dyed (they are all of the same white/pinkish color that they're supposed to be :eek: , I even have a few smaller ones that are about 1/2 inch).

    I've been watching them and they seem to be leaving the cory and the pleco (which I have no idea what kind he/she is :oops: ) alone, but have been chasing the others around a bit.
  7. ilnv+89

    ilnv+89 New Member

    dwarf white parrot cichlid / jelly bean parrot cichlid

    Parrot Fish are a Hybrid they are a cross created from breeding convict cichlids with midas cichlids and some are convict cichlids mix bred with red devil cichlids. They can be aggressive but are not known for it. They are more territorial than anything. The dwarf or jelly bean males grow to about 1-1.5 inches and the female to 2-2.5inches. The females have a pinky orange patch on there stomach as well as the same colouring throughout their fins while the males stay completely white (well a pinky white) The jelly bean are very well tempered but can also be territorial. Parrot Fish because they are hybrid do not have a natural environment so it is not necessary to provide them anything specific to aid with breeding. However they do like there caves and places to hide as many other fish do. Parrot Fish alike are a generally well mannered fish and they are best suited to a species tank or tank with other smaller non aggressive fish or cichlids such as the salvini, convict ciclids, yellow labs etc. Also work well with community fish such as bella sharks, guaramis, platys, etc. These little fish are very personable and will come to know you as there owner they will come up to the glass and greet you and if you sit beside them they will stay there an gaze at you. Like other cichlids they are very intelligent fish. Some enthusiats do not like Parrot fish because they are a Highly Popular Hybrid however I think they are great fish beautiful to look at very personable and the dwarf or jelly beans are adorable. If I could get my hands on more of the jelly beans/dwarfs I would they are very hard to come buy.

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