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  Need Help FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Author Topic:   Need Help FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
New Member

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From:Campbell River
Registered: Feb 2004

posted 03-05-2004 02:07 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for justins     Edit/Delete Message
The Cat that lives downstairs is having kittens and she is unable to take care of them. I know this because her last batch only one out of the four lived and that is because i tooke the kitten into my own care.
I need to know how to take care of new new new born kittens. ALL the details would be awsome
how much to feed them
how often
what to feed them

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From:Vancouver, WA USA
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posted 03-05-2004 02:33 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for footsie     Edit/Delete Message
do a search on google for kitten care or orphan kitten care.

This is just one of the hundreds of links that came up:

I'd suggest leaving the kittens with their mother, but keeping a close eye on them and assisting them with feeding and such. The mother's milk is a more natural and healthy (and free) than KMR or other milk substitutes.

Also, you may want to try to convice your neighbor to get the mother cat fixed after the kittens are born.

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posted 03-05-2004 02:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Yahdah     Edit/Delete Message
hello, raising kittens is one of the hardest jobs ever endured.
But the results can be rewarding, namely, if the kittens survive.
The 'older' cat may not be able to produce enough milk for the kittens, resulting in a slow agonising death of starvation adn dehydration. I suggest this cat be spayed asap. If you take the kittens away from her she iwll be distressed and after 5 days the maternal instinct will have completely dissapeared, causing her to go into heat again and falling pregnant very quickly.

You mentioned you raised a kitten from the previous litter. So in a sense, you do know the hard work involved.
But newborns are just 10 times harder.

It is important that they get at least SOME of the milk mum produces in the first 24 hours, this is called colostrum and is essential for the kittens to survive . If they do not get this 'first milk' they will most likley succumb to infection and die. This milk holds antibodies that will protect them in the short term.

They need to be FED EVERY 2 HOURS with a special kitten milk formula purchased from your vet. They need to be fed with a bottle and soft kitten teat. This means setting your alarm clock and feeding them in time, if they do not have a feed in more than 4 hours, they will go into hypogycemic shock and die.
They will eat about 2-4 mls of milk that will increase as they gain weight.

They need to me STIMULATED to go to the toilet, this means taking a peice of cotton wool or tissue or cloth, dampen it with warm water, and rub the genitalia region, firmly but gently. This will stimulate them to uriniate, and if you continue rubbing, they will eventually do a poo as well.
The first poo is black, then it will turn into a mustard color. The consitancy should be no more liquid than toothpaste. If it is runny and foul smelling, they have an infection and need help from a vet ASAP.
Once a kitten is sick, they can die very quickly, so URGENT help is required.

They need to be kept CLEAN, HYGIENE IS SO IMPORTANT with these little ones. Bedding must be changed DAILY.
They need to be kept dry and out of draughts.
THEY NEED TO BE KEPT WARM constantly, with the aid of a neonatal heating mat or warm water bottle changed every few hours.
They CANNOT regulate their own body temperature and will die very quickly if they get cold.
This will continue for several weeks, until they are able to maintian their own body temperature and huddle togetrher to keep warm.

This is EMERGENCY ADVICE ONLY. you must do more research and speak with your vet if you are wanting a good results.

I am wishing you all the best and will be thinking of you.
If you need any more advice, you may email me and I will help as much as I can.

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From:fort myers, fl. usa
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posted 03-05-2004 07:28 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for FMgurl43     Edit/Delete Message
i did the same thing w/ my 3 kittens a guy from the county was digging and washing out our ditches and didnt know a litter of 4 kittys were inside and killed one from the force of the water pressure and brought the other 3 babies to us they didnt even have their eyes opened we tried to find their mom but couldnt soo we took them in and bottle fed them yes its very very hard feeding them every 2 hours but my opinion is that it was worth every min of it they r the most loving cats ive ever owned... not only do u have to wipe their lil booties but also u have to burp them like a baby if not they might vomit the milk back up... i didnt think that they would really burp but we would gently tap a finger on their backs when they were done and they woudl burp it was so cute... also u have to be careful and not let them drink the milk to fast or force the milk into the baby we had it happen a few times when the kittens woudl get it in their lungs luckily they ddint die...if it does get into their lungs u will hear a rattle noise when they breath.... i agree as to keeping them on their mother at least 4 the first week if possible the moms milk is the best 4 the babies... good luck and keep us posted....

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