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Author Topic:   ate plastic

Posts: 14
From:toronto, Canada
Registered: Feb 2004

posted 02-11-2004 06:00 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for madraggs     Edit/Delete Message
hey guys...i think i sent out a new message earlier on about the same problem but i dont see it! What happened this morning was i found storm had eaten chunks of this new toy he got. It was a rubber/plastic starfish and all five tips of its legs are missing and we cant find them anywhere in the house. Has any of your cats done this before?also this is not the first time he did something like this. A few weeks ago we saw confetti in his stool. The confetti was attached to this bouncing ball he has. Im a bit worried and dont really know what to do. He just got up frm his nap but doesnt seem to want to eat. And he hasnt used the litter box since he ate the stuff please help!

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Posts: 701
Registered: Nov 2003

posted 02-11-2004 06:14 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Chessmind     Edit/Delete Message
Hello. If he still decides not to eat (I'm assuming he did infact eat part of his toy) you may want to take him to the vet to have an x-ray taken. The toy could get blocked in his intestine(s) and cause major problems if gone untreated. However, even if he does decide to eat there is always the possibility that the toy may still get blocked or even tear his intestine(s). If it were my kitty, I would take him to the vet just to be safe. I'm sorry that happened to him. Keep us posted.

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Posts: 24
Registered: Jan 2004

posted 02-11-2004 09:14 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Mab     Edit/Delete Message
It certainly seems like he might of eaten the toy. I would take him to the vet just for your own peace of mind and the fact that the quicker you get him to a vet the easier this is to treat for the vet.
I have a cat that regularly tries to eat things he shouldn't, he more like a dog than a cat. Most of the time he passes things of his own accord but there have been a couple of times when he has needed the vet.
Usual signs of problems are bloody diarreah, not eating, bringing up bile, lethargy and not wanting to move. If you cat is suffereing from any of these or has not been for a bowel movement for more than 24hrs I would get him to the vet to have an xray.

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Posts: 996
From:sheridan, wy
Registered: Aug 2003

posted 02-12-2004 12:10 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for fleafly     Edit/Delete Message
My cats eat everything!

Actually I was visiting my mom once and her cat came running in the room with something on her butt. I picked her up to look and a string was hanging out. She had only partially passed it. Well 30 min and one unhappy cat later, we got it out and she was fine. She had eaten the string part of her toy, it was long too.

Not too long ago one of my cats ate a piece of plastic before I could grab it from the floor. It wasn't very big so I just kept an eye on her and she was fine.

Most of the time animals can pass what they eat. Sometimes I find stuff in the poop in the box, and I bet there is a lot more that I never see. Depending on how much she ate I would keep an eye on her for loss of appetite, vomitting, or failure to poop. If it was really lot you might want to go ahead and take her in. All the vet will do is x-ray to look for the toy. X-rays are really expensive and thats about all they can do. After the x-rays they will tell you to watch her for signs of an impaction. Thats why I would just keep a close eye on her if she was mine.

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Posts: 14
From:toronto, Canada
Registered: Feb 2004

posted 02-12-2004 03:41 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for madraggs     Edit/Delete Message
hey guys thanks a lot (again )!storm did manage to take a dump and two of the 5 pieces were seen !i think he is ok....he has been sleeping a lot but i think it was because he was so excited when he saw this new toy that all he did was run around with it in his mouth! i am keeping a close eye on him still.......right now he's a bit cranky coz ive been up all night studyin for a test and i wont let him sleep coz he's so cute...i just gotta carry him or hug him or pet him all the time !! thanks again guys.....the info really helps and it always relieves my mind after hearing from fellow cat owners .

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Posts: 201
From:Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Registered: Jul 2003

posted 02-12-2004 05:16 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for lucidity03     Edit/Delete Message
I would still keep a very close on the kitty, just in case. My cat ate a foam earplug a couple of years ago. He had all the signs that were above mentioned. Well, we found the earplug in the bile he threw up and we thought we were in the clear. (Sidenote - We had been to the vet a couple of times during this.) But, he wasn't getting any better and was still getting sick.

It turns out that he ate two earplugs. The other one was blocking the passage into his intestines.

I don't want to scare you by any means. I just want you to still keep an eye on your cat and take him to the vet right away if he throws up bile (green substance, you'd know if it if you saw it) or doesn't seem to be getting better.

I only say this because you found 2 of the 5 pieces. More likely than not, everything will pass (or has passed) and you're cat will be perfectly fine. But, just in case, keep an eye on him.

Good luck!

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Posts: 64
From:Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Registered: Jan 2004

posted 02-12-2004 06:21 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for empressjulz     Edit/Delete Message
anoher thing...

only let cats play with proper cat toys. these toys are tested and non-toxic, durable and suitable for rough play.

shouldn't give cats human toys.



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