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  Why is my cat so sick? Please doesn't know what's wrong with her

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Author Topic:   Why is my cat so sick? Please doesn't know what's wrong with her
Squeaky Gonzales
posted 05-15-2003 10:56 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I'm in some dire need of help/advise. I've been researching the internet for the past two days on what could be wrong with my little Squeaky. First let me tell you what's going on. We recently moved about 2-3 weeks ago. I have three pets. Sydney is my dog and I have to persian cats (brother and sister) named Jazz-purr and Squeak. Both of my cats are 2 1/2 years old. Well we had our house exterminated (pest control) the second day we were here due to scorpions. The pest control company swears up and down that what they use is not harmful to pets. Which I believe because we have been have been using the same pest control company for two years with no problems. Well all my pets were acting a little funny since the move. I figured it was just depression. They were scared and I assumed were just adjusting to their new environment. Squeaky paticularly doesn't like changes. She gets very stressed and scared under new circumstances. So anyways, I couldn't figure out if they were just "adjusting" or if maybe they got into the pesticide stuff before it dried. To make a long story short I highly doubt they got into the spray before it dried because I was keeping a very close eye on them and both the kitties were put up on high shelves. They were really traumatized by the move and were scared of all the moving people coming in and out of the house. Well my 60 pound dog moped around for a few days and then got back to normal, one of my cats threw up for a few days (yellow foul smelling bile) and the other little kitty (Squeak) was really not looking good. She was lethargic, depressed, not eating/drinking hardly at all, very weak, almost in a dazed state, and she wouldn't come out of hiding in a cabinent. I just kind of let her be for a week thinking she would adjust. I did notice her eating/drinking a little so I figured as long as she was doing that she was okay. Well a week passes (by this time the other animals have bounced back from the move and their fine) but Squeak is still hiding and looking VERY ill. I decided that a week was long enough and that I was going to take her to the vet the next morning. Well when I woke up that morning she was fine. She had some energy, she was meowing like usual for me to feed her, she was prowling around the house looking for mischief, wrestling around with her brother, etc. etc. So I thought, "GREAT! She's getting better and everything is fine." Well that only lasted a couple of days. Then my husband and I noticed that once again she started laying around, hiding and not acting well. Very lethargic.........stopped eating/drinking almost completely. I would put fresh water next to her and she would maybe take a few licks and that's it. When I would look at her she would just stare back at me with these sad weak eyes. I knew something wasn't right. I picked her up and she was so frail you could feel her bones. She has always been a very petite cat about 8 pounds but she was soooo skinny and weak. I cried all night, my husband and I planned on taking her to the vet first thing in the morning because she just didn't look good at all. So when I took her in that next morning. The vet took one look at her and said, "This cat is dying.........she looks like she is in liver failure." I broke down...........I had no idea she was that sick. I've always taken good care of my babies but honestly these are the first cats I've ever had and I'm clueless when it comes to what's wrong with them. Now I know how close I came to losing her that day.......I will never let one of my poor babies stick it out for 1 1/2 weeks before getting them help! But like I said, I thought she was just adjusting to her new enviroment. I thought maybe the move depressed her. In the past when we've taken her on trips with us she gets so mad at us when we get home that she hides under the bed for two weeks. Needless, to say we stopped letting her travel with us since it was too much for her to handle. But getting on with the post.................The first thing the vet did was give her a blood transfusion. Her red blood cell count was 2 and he said she was one sick kitty cat. Her weight was down to five pounds. He said if we wouldn't had brought her in that day she would have died. He ran test after test.....and couldn't find anything wrong with her. Other than she was extremly anemic the day I brought her in. But he says something is causing the anemia.......but doesn't know what. She was tested for hemabartenella, feline lukemia and FIV. Her FIP test is still pending but I seriously doubt she has that one because she has always been a strictly indoor cat. All the tests are negative. The vet says her kidneys and liver are fine. He tested her urine and nothing wrong there. She was tested for parasites and nothing there. I'm at a complete loss. What else could have caused her to be so severly anemic that she needed a blood transfusion? Does anyone have any ideas? I love this cat so much she is my baby and I don't want to lose her. After spending two nights at the vets she was released today and she's looking better but she's still not herself which is understandable considering all she's been through. I'm a little annoyed with the vet that after all these tests and a $823.00 vet bill he still can't tell me what almost killed her. He has ruled out the pesticide poisoning though. He says it's not that. Why is it so hard to detect what makes animals sick? If it were a human the Dr.'s would find out what the cause was. I'm going to find a new vet........this one acts like he doesn't even care. He was not sympathetic to me at all and made me feel like I was bothering him whenever I called to check on Squeak and her prognosis. Then when I picked her up today he told me he didn't have time to talk to me but that I could set up an appt. with his secretary to come in discuss further testing on Squeak. I called him this afternoon with a few simple questions about her medicene and condition and he treated me like I was annoying him. He chastised some of my questions with, "Isn't it common sense that she isn't back to normal." I said, "yes, I understand that but I just don't understand why you can't find out what's wrong with her." It's like all he wants is my money and he doesn't care about Squeak. I wasn't happy with him......I think I'll be getting her records and going else where. Here is a list of her symptoms if anyone can offer any advise on what could possibly be wrong with her PLEASE PLEASE post. Is there anything else you can think of that she should be tested for?

no appetite
not drinking
jaundice (mouth, eyes and ears)
licks walls/pottery
eats litter out of her box (I think she confuses it with her food sometimes)
she has been pottying around the house (I just recently learned by researching that this is a sign that your cat is trying to tell you he's sick). Poor thing!!! I thought he was just being naughty because we moved, I didn't know he was trying to communicate with me.
vomiting occasionally (yellow, smelly bile stuff)
doctor said her tummy was full of bellyruben, but that was probably caused by her not eating.

* Also something I would like to note is the ONLY other health problem I've had with her is a skin condition. She and her brother have very sensitive skin and scratch their ears and neck until it bleeds. I currently have this under control. They get regular cortizone shots and are on a special diet for allergies. Right now neither of them are scratching but I'm wondering if this condition is caused by something more serious. They do not have fleas or ticks..........both have been tested for those numerous times. Sorry this is so long but I really need some help and wanted to offer as much info as possible. Thanks

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posted 05-16-2003 10:09 AM           Edit/Delete Message

I am so sorry that you have such an insensitive vet! His bed-side manners could have been alot better! I am also sorry to hear about your sick kitty. I haven't a clue what she might have, but if I was in your position I would look for another vet asap. See if you have a vet specilizing in cats only in your area. If not, look around for another vet and have all your records/test results transferred so they don't duplicate the tests over.

Best of luck and please keep us posted. My thoughts are with you and your friend!


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Posts: 18
From:Great Lakes,IL
Registered: Apr 2003

posted 05-17-2003 12:25 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for kellimc     Edit/Delete Message
I agree go to another vet!! if I had not gone to another vet my cat would be dead right now. Go to another vet. Hopefully you can find one that just deals with cats but if not just go to another one!

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Posts: 97
Registered: Jan 2003

posted 05-17-2003 04:46 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for woofdoggy     Edit/Delete Message
You get good and bad people in all professions and it sounds like you struck one really BAD one there. How unsympathetic and mean, and to leave you none the wiser for all that money. (Sigh). Yes, you must go to another vet, with the records. That little kitty needs better treatment.

Don't be hard on yourself though - it was quite understandable for yout to think the move was the cause of the problems.

As you say she suffers from allergies I can't help wondering if the pesticide could have set something off. I'd like to know how the vet ruled that out. It just seems a bit of a coincidence she got so sick at that time.

You need answers, and before going to the other vet I would write down all the questions you have and make sure you get the right answers. As Squeaky has had a blood transfusion that should help her a lot,but I wouldn't wait too long. This has been a very hard and worrying (and expensive) time for you, but with the right vet things shoudl turn out ok. Good luck. Do let us know how you get on.

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Posts: 83
From:New Zealand
Registered: May 2003

posted 05-17-2003 11:11 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Greypaw     Edit/Delete Message

I agree with the above, you need a new Vet. You and your Vet need to be a team to work and communicate well together. If you can't ask questions and supply the Vet with new infomation when ever you need to, then your pet just isn't going to get the best care she should.

I still suspect the pesticide. How could it not be harmful to pets?! its a poison which your pet could be sensitive to. Find out the name of the pesticide that was used. That could be handy for your new Vet.

Also when next spraying try removing your pets to a kennel for a few days till the pesticide residue/vapour is gone. Pesticide is bad news for pets/kids/the sick/and elderly, so don't worry about being paranoid.

Also, you mentioned you have never had cats before - I strongly suggest reading as much as you can from books and the internet (local libriaries usually have good cat books), so that you understand behaviour and health signs better. Cats hide their ill health well, and by the time most people notice their puss is sick its too late. Early diagnosis (and a good Vet) is your best weapon in fighting pet ill health.

hope all works out

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New Member

Posts: 2
From:Alexander, NC USA
Registered: Mar 2004

posted 03-14-2004 04:47 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Kitcat     Edit/Delete Message
Help, my cat has the same symptoms. Frosty has gone from 14lbs to 10lbs, all tests are normal, and the vet doesn't know what's causing his red blood cell count to drop. They went from 15 to 8 in 2 days. He has an enlarged spleen. Frosty is an indoor cat and not exposed to any pesticides. His pink features are ashen and he is lethargic. He doesn't eat on his own - we have to hand feed him. I'm really scared that we will lose him.

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Posts: 227
From:Perth, Western Australia
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posted 03-14-2004 06:19 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for kyles101     Edit/Delete Message
although he said the liver is fine the jaundice and yellow bile would mean a liver problem in a human. do what everyone else said and take her to another vet. 'If it were a human the Dr.'s would find out what the cause was', i WISH docs were this good lol!
just did a search with the symptoms you mentions and pancreatitis came up. they said it was very hard to diagnose in cats. maybe you could ask the vet to do a test for it? its a long shot but it sure is frustrating when you cant find an answer!

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