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  Mysterious Vomiting, Kidney Failure??

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Author Topic:   Mysterious Vomiting, Kidney Failure??
posted 02-27-2003 01:32 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Writing this, I'm filled with great sadness. I fear than one of my most beloved companions, next to my wife, will no longer be with me. My cat is a 6 year old Mancoon, distinct gray and white with large "snowshoes" of white, exagerated from the extra toes on all of his feet. He's large (16 lbs.) and lithe. It's difficult to imagine a more lovely cat, and he's been a source of pride for me from the beginning.

Porter, as he's known, had always been a healthy and resilient cat. He's traveled the country with me, by car and plane to 5 different homes, and he's never missed a beat. I've never given it a second thought about taking him with me wherever I go, and I was planning to take him across the ocean to Turkey with me in the coming months.

In the first days of February, Porter began vomitting violently. At first I thought he had finally gotten his first illness, and I shrugged it off to the winter season. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger. But hours turned to days, and soon he hadn't eaten, let alone rested, for three days. On the third day, I took him to the local veterinarian, Amy Schilli, D.V.M. I'm no dummy when it comes to health and wellness, but Porter's illness is a mystery to both me and the veterinarians. I'd like to give an account of my situation. Perhaps somewhere, a proverbial light will go off and someone will rescue my cat from his untimely fate.

Here's the facts:
No access to poisons or household chemicals
Regular steady diet of high quality (Science Diet Adult Formula Hairball Control) dry food
Regular and appropriate life-long consumption of water
Few to none treats or "people" food
No poisonous plants
Regular veterinary care and checkups
Negative tests for common feline diseases
Strictly indoor cat with ample room for exercise
Neutered and declawed (front) at early age

After the vet initially examined Porter, a full array of blood work was done. The physical exam yielded no clues (normal temp, normal palpatations, etc.) The blood work indicated elevated liver enzymes and slightly elevated glucose levels. Both of which could be easily attributed to the physical state of temporary starvation and stress. The X-Rays showed no clearly visible obstructions in the g.i. tract. Everything, but Porter's health, was normal.

The vet elected to perform exploratory surgery, as a g.i. obstruction appeared to be the most likely cause of Porter's distress. After the surgery, the vet reported that there was no obstruction and all internal organs appeared healthy and normal, including his liver. Appetite stimulants, and anti-nausea medication, as well as preventative antibiotics were prescribed and administered.

In two days, Porter had made a complete turn-around. His appetite was back, and he was beginning to harass the other cat just like normal. His only discomfort was the regular administration of meds. While Porter's illness was a mystery; it appeared to be all over, until a few days ago.

In the early morning Porter vomitted some partially digested food. A few hours later, he produced some more digested food. Then food colored liquid. I started administering some of the anti-nausea medication left from his other bout, and by evening he was back to normal.

The next day Porter's appetite had returned, and everything seemed alright. The following day I noticed Porter vomitting. It has continued all day in regular intervals (i.e. every 20 minutes of so).

I'm at a loss, and so is my vet's office (3 veterinarians). From what I've read on this site, several people suggest to others in somewhat similar situations that it may be the result of kidney failure. I would think the vets had considered this, but how can I know?

Regardless, Porter is in as much pain as I could imagine. It's difficult for me to believe that this once healthy and vibrant creature will succumb to some unknown, yet fatal, illness.

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posted 02-27-2003 09:21 AM           Edit/Delete Message
I am sorry to hear about your friend. I lost a cat to kidney failure and here were her symptoms (not to say that all animals will expereince the same symptoms)
- more frequent drinking of water
- more frequent peeing
- eating more often and constantly hungry

my thoughts are if you can afford to do so, maybe you shoud try another vet (even though three already looked at him)Do you have any vets that specilize in cats only in your area?

Good luck with your friend and please keep us posted!

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Posts: 134
From: NC -USA
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posted 02-27-2003 11:15 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Pauline     Edit/Delete Message
HHMN..... the vet did exploratory surgery without getting a biopsy?? That would have been a very good time to...and his urine should show proteins too due to this stress and change. Did the vet opt to change diet to a Hairball formula first? Check for hyperthyroidism, cancer?? Food allergies? IBD? Liver disease? A lot of unanswered questions.... esp in light of the fact that this vet did blood work panels. I'd seek another vet, take test results there, and get a second opinion. Best wishes.

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posted 03-06-2003 07:59 PM           Edit/Delete Message
i am so sorry to hear about your cat. I too just lost my cat to kidney failure. It all happened too fast, one week he was fine the next week he was gone. he originally went in for what the vet thought was a bladder infection. He got worse over the next couple of days. He was throwing up, lathargic, had the head tilt,all of it. the vet had him on fluids, antibiotics and steroids to no avail.
to make a long agonizing story short, he died within this week. I lost my best friend and companion. I know your pain and I only hope we will be with our pets again in heaven. I had to put my casper (that was his name) to sleep so he wouldnt suffer any more
The day of this procedure I held his head in my hands and whispered his name over and over to comfort him and im sure he knew who i was because he tilted his head sidewayswith all the strength
had left and looked in my eyes as if to say thanks for being here with me.

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posted 03-07-2003 02:54 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for seabiscuit     Edit/Delete Message
Ozukira- It's been about a week since we've heard from you. Is this good news or bad?
If you get a chance, let us know whether everything is status quo, better, or worse.
We're thinking of you....

[This message has been edited by seabiscuit (edited 03-07-2003).]

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