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  New house for cat. What can i do?

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Author Topic:   New house for cat. What can i do?
Steve R
posted 10-13-2002 02:51 AM           Edit/Delete Message
My girlfriends mum has just gone overseas and we have adopted her adult male tabby. He is a friendly house cat.
We brought him home last night and set up a litter tray in the laundry (also has a food tray).
He spends most of the time hiding in any hiding spot he can find, and does not seem the slightest bit interested in food.
He is not skittish at all as we can pat him, and he occasionally comes out.
He also jumped on our bed when we watched movies last night and stayed with us for a while, then went and hid again.

What can we do to get him to eat, and for him to become more comfortable in his new home?

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posted 10-14-2002 04:53 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Steve -
Your cat is probably just adjusting to his new life, and is missing his former owner. Unless he's ill, he'll eat when he gets hungry. A healthy cat won't starve himself! Leave his food (and more importantly, water!) out so he has access at all times. He'll start spending more and more time with you as he learns his new surroundings, and he'll be comfortable there before you know it!

Good luck with your new cat!

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Steve R
posted 10-29-2002 07:19 AM           Edit/Delete Message
Thanks for your advice Anja.
Our new cat is settling in nicely now. Its been nearly 3 weeks and he is eating healthily and he didnt forget how to use a litter tray (which is excellent).
He is getting a little bored at times and demands alot of attention, and meows when he doesnt get it!
He is yet to go outside because we live to close to his former house, but we will be taking him outside in a week and see how we will go.

Any tips about releasing him outside?
I'm a bit worried he'll go back to his old house.

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posted 10-29-2002 12:15 PM           Edit/Delete Message
If he's adjusting so well inside and using his litter, why not just keep him inside and not risk him running away to his old house or getting injured??? Glad to read he's adjusting better!

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posted 10-30-2002 12:46 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Steve -
I'm happy to hear he's doing well! I have a fenced-in back yard, and my cats enjoy spending time in the yard with me, but I don't leave them unattended outdoors. It's a treat for them to play in the catnip plant, and they look forward to it. I started with them on leashes until they got the feel for the yard, and now they run loose while I'm with them, but I never just open the door and let them out. I think your cat would go to it's old house out of habit, and that would be confusing to him. I agree, he should be an indoor cat!

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Steve R
posted 10-31-2002 09:49 AM           Edit/Delete Message
We only have a small 2 bedroom unit, and while he sleeps in the laundry, the smell is almost unbearable from constant littering.
Plus he has always been an outdoor cat, and i know he wants to go outside, and he still gets very bored inside
although last night he played with a little ball with a bell in it for over an hour (he's not a kitten!! its funny)

Ohh I just noticed something with him.
he was sitting on my lap and i noticed a small white wormlike creature on my arm. It was about 1cm long. i looked at him and i found another one on his tail. looks like i'll need to get him some worm tablets.
He doesnt seem distressed at all

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Steve R
posted 11-24-2002 05:38 AM           Edit/Delete Message
latest development...
Well after 5 weeks of being inside all the time, we gradually took him out the back yard and he was getting used to being out there. Occasionally we would jump fences and explore for short periods then he would come back. Then we started leaving him out all day while we were at work to find that he would be waiting for us when we got home.
This went on for a week.

We decided to try him at night which seemed to be going well to. He would go exploring for a couple of hours before returning home to bed down for the night inside.

Then on the 3rd time of trying this he didn't come back. This was on Tuesday night just past, and we haven't seen him since. Its Sunday night now.
We've looked for him around the place and even trying his old house numerous times. No success.
My girlfriend is really upset and so am i.
We really miss our cat.
We are making posters and hope someone see's him (he has a nametag with our phone number on it too)

Wish us luck
we hope our Smokey comes back

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posted 11-24-2002 07:54 PM           Edit/Delete Message
Sorry to hear your cat is gone. I was agreeing with the other person on not letting him out. Have you tried the pound? Try the neighbors next door where he used to live, maybe they saw him and took him in since they know his 'momma' is gone.

Did you get his tape worm under control??

My last 2 cats were outdoor cats, but the one I have now does not go out. The closest he gets is sitting in the window and smelling the fresh air through the screen. I didnt want to deal with fleas, and other strays fighting him. Then most of all someone snatching him or hitting him.

Keep us posted on whether you find Smokey or not!!

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posted 11-08-2003 06:03 PM           Edit/Delete Message
I just moved from OR to CA and I brought my cat along. He is an outdoor/indoor cat about 7 months old. While I was packing for the move to California my cat Sammy started pooping around the apartment but now he is doing it in my new apartment. Any advice about why he would be doing this?

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Nevermind, I saw the new posting.

[This message has been edited by fleafly (edited 11-09-2003).]

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