Microworms - Live feed for fry fish
Grow your baby fish like the pro's do!

Microworms are the perfect size feed for newly-hatched fish or shrimp fry. This live food will move in the water which triggers the eating reflex of the baby fish. Microworms are essential as a great start to a fry's healthy diet and will considerably improve your fry mortality rate, helping most of them reach adulthood.   [Click to order now]

Microworms are also a good food choice for small adult fish like guppies, scarlet badis, and neon tetras. Microworms are among the easiest live fish foods to culture at home, and it only takes a small amount of effort to boost your fry survival rates with this inexpensive healthy food source. [Click to order now]

It's important to plan when to start your Microworms culture, so that by the time your fry have hatched, due to their fast growth rate there will already be a large quantity of microworms that will suffice the needs of your fry.  [Click to order now]

Microworms can be used to feed cichlids fry, betta fry, guppy fry, platy fry, corydora fry, killifish fry, larval newts, small tadpoles and more! They are known to be one of the best nutritious foods to feed your newly hatched fish fry.  Microworms are size-appropriate for baby aquarium fish such as cichlids, bettas, gouramis, livebearers, tetras, danios, barbs and many others.

The wiggling movements of the microworms in the water can trigger a fry's hunting instinct and eating reflexes. Great way to start their diet!

Microworms are easy to maintain and culture. They can be cultured in various ways such as oats, bread and potato peelings. A single culture can last for up to 4 weeks and each culture will hold hundreds or even thousands of microworms! If maintained well, you will have a never-ending supply of microworms!    [Click to order now]

Some facts about Microworms:

- They contain about 76% water, 24% protein & fat - AND ARE SUPER NUTRITIOUS FOR YOUR FISH FRY!
- They can live in a water tank for up to 48 hours.
- The female microworms can have up to 300 young in their lifetime.
- How to tell you have a happy microworms culture? If they are crawling up the walls of your container! 
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We are pleased to offer MICROWORMS for online ordering!

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  2. Instructions manual on how to successfully grow and maintain your Microworms culture.

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