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Feeding your horse
What to feed a horse...the basics.

Horses need hay or grass, oats, vitamins and water. Most horses are fed twice a day.
We interviewed someone who feeds their horse 4 times a day. She gives her horse the
same amount of food, but in smaller amounts at a time. Horses have small stomachs 
so that can only eat a little bit at a time.

Hay or grass is a bulk food. It makes the horse feel full and helps them to digest their
food. Hay contains protein, fiber, calcium, and vitamins. When you take the rope off of 
a bale of hay, it separates into parts. The parts are called flakes. Most horses eat one
bale of hay each day. The owner usually gives 2 flakes at a time.

Grains help to give horses energy. How much grain you give them depends on how 
hard you work the horse. The  graphs below show you how much bulk and grain to 
feed your horse, depending on how hard they work.

No Work
25% Light Work

Medium Work


Hard Work


.................. Bulk or Hay/Grass .................. Grain

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