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  Should I Buy a Horse for My Child?
Owning a horse can be an enjoyable experience for parent and child alike. 
However, there are many factors into the initial decision to get involved with 

  How to Buy a Horse 

In these situations where a pre purchase exam cannot be done, you can only 
hope to pick up a "Red Flag" suggestive of some problem the horse may have.

  How to Tell a Horse's Age by his Teeth
Starting at 2 years of age the horse's front teeth (incisors) are the way to tell age.

  Housing your horse
The horse spends approximately 22 hours per day in its stable. Stable 
design and management can have direct effects on the health of horses.

  Feeding your horse
What and how to feed a horse...... the basics.

  Feeding your horse 
timely tips to avoid problems...........

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