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Fish and Aquariums - Selected Articles

Aquaria Glossary
A glossary of aquaria common terms........

Getting started
The complete beginners guide for Aquariums set up.

Freshwater Fish Compatibility Chart
A chart to help you mix and match freshwater fish. It contains 
most of the more common freshwater fish that you will find at 
your local pet shop.

General fish care tips
Water condition, Temperature,  Light, and aquarium  Location.

Aquariums and the The Nitrogen Cycle
The nitrogen cycle is the most important principle that "you" need 
to understand concerning an aquarium environment.

Fish diseases
(general guide for fresh water fish)
Why does fish get sick, what might have triggered it, the symptoms
and treatment.

Conversions, Calculations, & Data
Tank Size, Temperature, Weight & Pressure Calculations........

Recommended reading

Dynamic Aquaria : Building
Living Ecosystems

Handbook of Fish Diseases

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