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Feeding, Exercise & Grooming (notes on the essentials)

Dogs have their own specific nutritional needs.
They require the correct balance
of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, together with access to 
a supply of clean drinking water.

The best and most convenient way of providing complete and balanced nutrition
is to feed a prepared pet food which has been designed to meet the needs of

Puppies use all the same nutrients as adult dogs, but because they are 
growing fast, their food should be highly digestible, high in energy and rich in
protein. They also need a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals.

It is very important to remember that every dog and puppy is an individual.
Although there are feeding guidelines on pet food packaging, every dog should 
be regularly weighed and the amounts of food given adjusted to maintain a
healthy appearance and bodyweight. (For example, a working sheepdog will 
burn off more energy and need more food than a litter mate leading a less 
active life as a domestic pet.)

If you feed a prepared pet food which is complete and balanced, there is no 
need to feed anything else and add any supplements.

All dogs need exercise.
Before exercising your dog outside, check that
vaccinations are up-to-date.
Larger dogs generally need more exercise - at 
least two walks a day.

Always keep your dog under control when it is near people, other pets or in the
When you play with your dog, always use toys that have been
designed to fulfill natural canine behavior and which are safe.

Grooming keeps the skin and coat in good healthy condition and strengthens 
the trust between you and your dog.
Get your dog used to being groomed

Long-haired dogs need daily brushing, whilst short-haired dogs can manage 
with grooming just once or twice a week.

Only use shampoos and grooming aids which have been specially designed 
for dogs. Never use detergents, disinfectants or carbolic soap. Keep a towel
especially for your dog.
Regularly wash your dog's bedding.

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