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You and your dog - Selected Articles

Dog names
Search for a name for your best friend.

Before You Buy a Dog
Owning a dog has many benefits, but it is also very important to remember
that it is long-term commitment and responsibility.

Dogs From Animal Shelters
Is it better to have a pedigree puppy or get one from the local animal shelter.

Preparing for the home-coming
All too often, it is far too easy to get carried away in the excitement of buying 
a new dog. Before you know it, your new addition to the family steps in the 
front door and it doesn't even have a bowl to drink from!

You and your new Dog
This handy guide will help you and your new pet get acquainted.

How are you feeding your dog?
Feeding your dog is a serious subject . Because you're an owner who cares
about their health.

Feeding, Exercise & Grooming (notes on the essentials)
Dogs have their own specific exercise, nutrition and grooming needs.

Questions and Answers (part 1)
Question: My puppy is getting quite naughty, he playbites my sons arms and
jumps up, and when we go for walks he pulls us all over the place....... 

Questions and Answers (part 2)
Question: I am giving my dog a good quality dried food recommend by our vet,
but it looks so boring ! I always add some meat or chicken, can this do any

Questions and Answers (part 3)
I have a beautiful German Shepherd, he is 8 months old and recently
started to walk with a limp in his back legs.......

Is a Dog Human?

Your pet is not a small hairy person, he is of another species known as a

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