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matted fur and fur loss
cat peeing
Howling Himalayan
Introduction of New Cat/Biting
3 week kitten emergency advice plz!
how to introduce a new cat
Our kitten has died
Sick OR Normal !!
Cat Pooing on Neighbours Doorstep
aggressive cat...
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Thanks for the info
Help! one of my kittens are dying
bow legged kitten, help!!
5 months old sick kitten
Excess urinating and drinking water
Night-time crazy cat
Smelly Carpet
Is my cat dying ?
Cat won't travel in car
Three kittens with blood in poo
Kitten not using litter tray
1 yo cat pooing & peeing everywhere
Mouser's Page
Cat loosing hair
Baby stealer
Cat is Ripping my Carpet
Cat sucking blood
Cats won't eat
cat has broken abscess in ear...
Does neutering change a cats personality?
Fighting cats
something wrong with cats eye
Feline Facial Abscess
2-3 week old kitten
Cat with itchy skin/allergy
Almost dead cat
kitty dying from CRF
mailing a kitten?
Extremely sick cat, no clue what to do
Kitten Question - Kinda Urgent...
Teeth cleaning - cat passed away
Urgently need help
I like this site
Help! My cat won't eat!! cat is loosing hair on neck
Cat soiling for first time, 1 yr old
Sneezing/difficult breathing
Cat stopped eating iams
Urinating/peeing in inappropriate places
training aids
New cat doesn't seem to get along with old
Cat losing weight, will not eat
Cool Cat !!!
Kitten hit by car
Help ! my cat won't eat
Cat is scratching his hair out
Very sick kitten
Vomiting cat
Questions re Elderly Cat With Problems
Spraying male cat (in the house)
Sneezing, Coughing, Raspy breathing Kitten
HELP!! 4 week old kitten - dying !!!!!
Help Cat Ruining the House!
Urinary problems
Sores on belly
HELP! Persian pulling out her hair.
Cat with dog & bird
How young is too young for flea killer?
Bed wetting kitten
Mother Cat *help*
I need help desperately!!!
16 yr old tabby is not doing well :(
Injured Kitten
Cat won't eat either
Cats hypnotizing birds
Female nipples
Old cat loosing fur...HELP!
Injured tail
Cat fat?
Sick kitten
wetting in the bed at night-dog is sleeping
older dog urinating
Housebreaking Problem
Electric dog collars
Jack Russell terrier breaking loose
Regarding Parvo
Shih Poo
malte-poo puppies
I am looking for a toy poddle
My dog has very bad allergies
Parvo Virus For Dogs
looking for a maltepoo
Book Recommendation
ShihPoos Available in NJ?
how long can a dog live?
Our Peekapoo Puppie is a Maniac, HELP!
name for my toy dog
shih-tzu poodle cross
Biting and Crying
Frightened adopted dog
peekapoo puppy
boxer's skin problem
14 week old puppy biting.
Getting dog to walk on leash its scared
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Maltipoos or Maltepoos
Teacup Malte Poo
~*~*~*~*~*Toy MaltePoo~*~*~*~*~*
Looking for a Toy Malte Poo
Looking for Maltepoos breeder in lousisana
Wanted: teacup malte-poo in New Mexico area
Anyone know where i can find a Maltepoo dog ?
Urinating on front legs
Pup whining & howling...HELP!!
Trying to find the right dog for my friend
Rottweiler puppy 3 1/2 months old
What type of dog is this ?
Puppy chases cars
Akita rescued dog
Getting my shy and timid dog to trust me
Purchased a malte poo and need info
Peke-a-poo wanted
Dane puppy
Whining lab at night
Puppy jumps fence
Australian shepherds
Why is my 7 month old Pekingese
Peekapoo Puppy wanted
Anyone use doggie day care?
10 Week Old Pup w/signs of dominance!!??
My puppy WAS potty trained but now...
ISO Doberman
Skin allergy
Can I Control Biting? Please Respond!!!
Weaning young pups
How to tell a dogs age
Toy Poddle back legs
Puppy peeing
Malte-poo's hair matting
puppy must find great dane pups
Australian shepherds
Look at this photos. Click the link
Barking is driving me mad!!!
Cocker rage
dog swallows bones
Poodle's Coat
Parvo virus question
Dog urinating in house
Dogs and chocolate
Dog going around in circles
How do I stop my dog from sleeping on my
Dermodex mange on toy poodle
Uncontrollable Golden cocker spaniel
Toy poodle coat not growing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ten month dog still not potty trained
Potty zone insight/advice
Dog Chases Cars/Trucks
My Aussie and sheep herding
Dog walks different...
My birthday pup
Tips on shih-poo please
ISO mixed toy poodle puppy
Red tail Catfish needs a home
Bala shark loosing scales
What's wrong with my Bala Shark?
Sick Pictus Catfish - please help
Algae Help Please!
how to decrease aquarium pH?
Bumble-bee gobies
How do i clean my tank with P's
My Gold Fish are dying
red bellied pacus
Oscar disease-HELP
pacu ?
Piranha's in trouble!!!
Red belly Piranha question
Red bellied Piranha
Pacus question
Weird White Stuff Growing on Tank
Cool Pacu web site
My goldfishes scales are turning black
fish with bettas?
Do you have a pet related website?.
catfish rasing
Bala shark help
red tail cat
Oscar tank setup
My Gold Fish looks sick!
cloudy tank
Houston TX Angelfish Breeders?
Odor from the water
Marble Mollies and her babies
My fishes easily die
Help me feed my pacu
Iridescent Shark!!!! BIG BIG BIG!
Unknown grey fish...
Adding Pacus
Feeding Pacus
Dogfish info
Hibernating fish ??
Too many RBP's
Twisted back on Marble Molly
Black Widow Fish
Red tail shark
Concerned about my fish
  Carp Fish
How many fish?
My 16 inch pacu
Help us Identity this fish
Black widow fish
Pacu? or red bellied piranha
Bala shark question
Black film on bottom rocks
Water turns cloudy and greenish
Pond algae problem
Unknown Disease
Piranha fishes are for sale!
Peat and Carbon Dioxide levels
Problems with my garden pond fish
palomino gelding for sale
Beginner pony for sale
Breeding ages for studs and fillys
heavy rider looking for best breed
My horse has clasterphobeia
Do you have a pet related website ?
Pink Eye
Horse Health
Weight limit
Orphan Filly With Constipation
Horse unexplained weight loss
Horse lover but not a rider!
Gelding vs. stallion
wolf teeth
Bottle Feeding
Erection problems
Hock scare tissue
Watch-eye research
Muck heap
Hock problems!
throws his head
When is a filly old enough to breed?
Shiny Coat
Bronc riding and cruelty
Bitting Bird " HELP"
cockatiel- male or female?
Cockatiel pulling out blood feathers
Help! Pet Store Horror